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Our Experts Transformed a Bathroom Floor in Mooresville with the Best Grout Recoloring Service

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October 20, 2023

A homeowner in Mooresville was puzzled by the dirt that remained on parts of her floor. Unlike other rooms in her home, the guest bathroom always looked neglected because of several dark spots on the grout and the ceramic tiles. Having people over was out of the question with the bathroom in such conditions, but weeks of unsuccessful scrubbing proved that lack of discipline wasn't the problem.

Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Recoloring in Mooresville
The first few weeks, the homeowner had tried different cleaners, wiping the floors by hand when the mop couldn't work through the embedded dirt. Later, she switched to a homemade mix of water and vinegar, but the floor stayed the same. Having used all the resources at her disposal, the homeowner went online looking for a reliable company in the area. Her results led them to Sir Grout Concord and our tech's expertise shined through our online content. The homeowner immediately wanted to know more about our Mooresville grout recoloring services, so she decided to schedule an in-home evaluation.

On the appointed date, our specialists visited her house to inspect the guest bathroom. The bathroom flood stood out for all the wrong reasons. The embedded dirt gave it a rough look that was at odds with the rest of the bathroom, and it only drew the eye to the discolored parts of the grout. Our techs explained how chemical cleaners can weaken hard surfaces and open the grout pores until dirt gets stuck within. Likewise, homemade cleaners with vinegar and other acidic ingredients can gradually alter the tiles' color while doing a subpar job of removing the stains. The solution was to seal the grout's surface after cleaning the shower with Sir Grout's special equipment. We gave the client a step-by-step description of our restoration process and, by the end of it, she was fully on board with the plan.

Following her request, our techs returned to her house later that week for the restoration. The first thing they did was clean the floor's surface with a powerful formula that helped detach the embedded soil. Our cleaner surpasses most products on the market. It's effective against deep stains and enhances the shine of ceramic surfaces. It does all of this without adding to the damage that gradually accumulates on high-traffic surfaces.

Then, our experts applied ColorSeal on the grout. They went over each grout line, recoloring the surface to bring back the smooth white color it had when the client first bought the house. Our acrylic-based sealant creates a protective barrier that, in turn, makes the grout more resistant to stains, foot traffic, and wear and tear. It keeps water, mold, mildew, grime, and dust from entering the grout pores, so it's easier for homeowners to boast clean grout lines on their floors, no matter the amount of traffic taking place around that part of their home.

The effect was complete when our techs buffed the rest of the floor, bringing out the shine that had been hidden under layers of embedded dirt. The client was in awe when they showed her the result, remarking on the tiles' beauty and praising our work on the grout. She was relieved to know that the state of her bathroom surfaces wouldn't ruin a guest's first impression of her home. After thanking our specialists for their services, the homeowner promised to recommend Sir Grout Concord all over Mooresville.

While getting ready to leave the client's home, our techs shared some cleaning and maintenance tips. They recommended replacing chemical-based formulas with pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our product combines high-quality ingredients to bring maximum cleaning power, removing soil, grime, food and cosmetic residue, mold, and more. It's also safer for household settings because it has no toxic fumes that could hurt people and pets after repeated exposure. Our techs also gave recommendations on the best ways to avoid moisture buildup, and they reminded the client to open the windows and doors every day to keep the circulation of fresh air.

The client showed her cleaning tools while they asked her about her cleaning routine, and our techs reassured her that there was no risk of inadvertently damaging the tiles. Sharp tools can easily leave scratches while you try to scrub off the stains, which is why a mop or a terry cloth are much more reliable for the maintenance of hard surfaces. With all these tips, homeowners don't need to work themselves to exhaustion each time their floors become soiled.

Sir Grout Concord is here to amaze you with the most advanced restoration services to revive your bathroom surfaces. You can call (704) 703-3681 for more information or schedule a free quote online to request an in-home evaluation. You can also check our picture gallery to see the full scope of our skills, or subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates.
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